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Pcyst-O Tablet is the best solution for PCOD AND PCOS

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Pcyst - O Tablet is a combination of herbal ingredients, which are known to balance hormones and regulates the process of ovulation. It basically eliminates the process of cyst formation in ovaries & facilitates the conditions for conception in the body.

Its commonly used to reduce menstrual irregularity, increases ovulation and follicular maturity and treats female infertility.

Uses of Pcyst - O Tablet

Pcyst - O Tablet is used for a whole lot of issues;

a) Treats Sexual dysfunction and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

b) Regulates ovarian hormones and improves male fertility.

c) Reduces high blood pressure during pregnancy.

d) Beneficial for enhancing kidney functions and boosting Vitamin D.

e) Reduces inflammation of the digestive tract in premature infants.

f) Regulates estrogen levels and reduces uterine disorders.

g) Increases iron levels and improves heart health.

h) Boosts immunity and rejuvenates the female reproductive system.

Usage of Pcyst - O Tablet

Pcyst -O Tablet is a multi-purpose capsule which is beneficial to both males and females. It helps both the genders and boosts their health. People who suffer from elevated level of male hormones, menstrual irregularities and disturbances, then Pcyst - O Tablet is a great boon for them. The tablets are commonly used by medical practitioners or for laboratory usage.

The tablets are used when the individual experiences any of these problems:

· Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

· Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

· Female Monthly Problem

· Menstrual Problem

· Immunity Booster

· Hormonal Growth

· Uterine Disorders Iron Deficiency

Precautions of Pcyst - O Tablet

Following are some tips which must be kept in mind while consuming the capsules:-

i) Avoid consuming white sugar food like; milk, soya products, bread, cakes and pastries.

ii) Limit down excessive salt intake, fried and oily food.

iii) Exercise regularly to avoid glucose build up and symptoms of diabetes.

iv) Mediate, do yoga and get good quality sleep.

Key ingredients of Pcyst - O Tablet

Following herbal ingredients are the main composition of Pcyst - O Tablet. They are used for the following issues:-

i) Rajah Pravartani Vati : Inducing menstruation, treating scanty and useful in premature menopause.

ii) Panchkol : Treats nausea, loss of appetite and asthma.

iii) Lata Karanj : Cleanses the uterus, reduces abdominal pain during periods, treats bronchitis and whooping cough.

iv) Kukkutnakhi : Treats chronic enlargement of lymph nodes and arthritis

v) Suwa : Prevents reproductive organ ulcers, aids in healthy digestion and improves appetite.

Vi) Kanchnar Extracts : Treats tumors, cystic swelling, PCOS and ulcers.

vii) Lodhra Extracts : Reduces acne, pimples and inflammation.

viii) Ashok Extracts : Treats piles, diabetes and prevents diarrhea.

ix) Shu Shilajeet :Improves body's immunity and boosts memory


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