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Boost Your Energy In Winter Season

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Winter doesn’t have to mean getting sick with a cold or the flu. Here are ways to boost your immunity during the cold winter months to prevent illness and have a healthy winter season.

It’s time to find a wave of peace in natural medicine to heal yourself. Based on many studies, Ayurveda treatment is considered the best natural form of healing in India and all over the world.

In Ayurveda, Bala means immunity which includes not just physical immunity but psychological and spiritual immunity as well. Bala helps in providing the body and mind with endurance to fight off any problems that affect the different areas of immunity.

Ayurveda suggests foods such as Honey, Ghee, Sesame seeds, Tulsi, Dry Fruits and organic Eggs, to keep the body warm from within. Adding a dollop of Ghee to cooked pulses and vegetables helps enhance the taste and is more nutritious for the body.

If you have a nutrient deficiency, live a busy lifestyle and want to introduce a multivitamin, are struggling to sleep or even have digestive issues, you may be looking to introduce a supplement in to your diet. In fact these are just some of the many reasons millions of people are turning to nutritional gummies. You might not have come across gummies before, perhaps being more accustomed to traditional pills or capsules.

To have a healthy and balanced life, it’s important to stay in perfect harmony with nature. Changing your diet and lifestyle can be a great way to stay in rhythm with the natural cycle of seasons.

Here we introduce our products that stimulate your energy during the winter.

Gummygud Granules & Gummygud Tablets.

In gummygud there are lots of ingredients to boost our energy.

Bala ,Vidari Ext., Shatavari Ext., Ashwagandha Ext., Safed Museli Ext.,Laksha , Hadjod Ext., Akkalkara & Shankhapushpi.

● It promotes energy, vigour, vitality, strength and stamina.

● Works as an immune modulator and rasayana which promotes physical as well mental health. It also works as an immune booster, anti-oxidant and nutritive tonic for all age groups.

● Useful in loss of libido.

● It is a rich source of calcium.

● It improves the ability and capacity to enhance and rejuvenate the nervous functions.

● Useful in under-nutritive condition.

● It works as an immune booster, anti-oxidant and as a nutritive healthcare for all age groups.


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